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Lockdown Creaking Open

As Lockdown begins to ease, London finds a new rhythm of life. If pictures say a thousand words then this is a long post! The Prince, a local real ale house/ micro brewery has turned into a specialist beer offy selling polythene 3.5pnt measures of various ales. Well you have to support local! Many are, and most seem to make it all the way across the road to the green by the war memorial. Some may be offended by the memorial being requisitioned as a beer garden but I'm certain that if anyone had asked those boys who gave their lives a hundred years ago what they though they'd say lying in the sun sitting good beer with friends is what life's all about. And for the benefit of the Distanterati (A new word, you've heard it here first!) everyone was socially distanced. This morning's run, just under 10 miles. Bounds Green to Ally Pally to Highgate to Hampstead Heath to Waterlow Pk to Crouch End to Ally Pally and Home. It's getting hot out ther