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Who's Lynne and what's she FOMO about?

Who's Lynne and what's she FOMO about? My cancer journey so far. Before we start, please recognise that this blog may be upsetting for some. It's not my aim to upset anyone, only to speak my truth. You have a choice as to whether to read this or not, make it now. I like the idea that when I was first diagnosed with Lymphoma my mind went into a fuzz and all I could remember after was the miss-heard statement "Who's Lynne and what's she FOMO about?" But it didn't happen like that. Aug 2019 I'd been stuffing my face during lunch at my Salsa Rapido 1-Day courses. Service was often slow so I'd have to gobble my food down then get up and dance. It was uncomfortable and after a few weeks I realised I had a lump a few inches above my navel a little to the right. I went to the GP who was one of those young and tech savvy GPs, who sent me for an ultrasound scan without any physical examination. The ultrasound was 'inconclusive' and there were ano