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The Ups and Downs

So what would you like first? The ups or the downs? Ups: On the up side I'm on holiday with Fliss staying in Wales at Nickie's and Jason's bnb It's a relaxed ramshackle village in West Wales called Ferryside on the estuary of the river Towy. Last night we chilled out on the upper deck and looked across the river to Llansteffan, the picture postcard village with a castle and supurb tearoom, I realise that we've the best view, and the sunset :-) Yesterday was a beautiful day, and please feel free to say 'beautiful' once again in a Welsh accent because it's well... beautiful. First thing, I went for a run, just five miles but Welsh miles seem longer than English miles. That may be due to the home made beer battered fish and chips the night before, but I suspect it's mainly because, and there's a clue in this post's title, it's the ups! Now I'm used to a few steep hills in London; Highgate, Hampstead Heath and Ally Pally, but these a