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Miles, Smiles and the UP in sUPermarket

  So another Monday run. Off to Hampstead heath. It's five miles from home to Kenwood House, well the fence surrounding it as the house is closed at the moment.  I didn't feel like a run, but I seldom do. Thanks to Fliss for kicking me out of bed. It was a beautiful morning and the first where I've jogged in a t-shirt and ultra light rain jacket. I’m never sure if the jacket is necessary, but my fear is that the cold wind will chill my back muscles into spasm. When this happened at the Edinburgh Fringe a few years back, I couldn’t walk across the room so the idea of being five miles out is not one I relish. The worst part of the run was when I passed a lady about 60yrs old at a distance of 3m+ and she turned away to face a wall cowering as if I was going to attack her. I felt shamed by her reaction and powerless to help her in any way. It's horrible to feel shamed in this way, but it must be even worse for her to feel the covid fear that she’s clea