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My Marathon Part One

So, I did it! I started writing up this full account, the day after I ran the 2022 Brighton Marathon. Time to reflect on yesterday's achievement. I'm 56, two stone overweight and hated cross country running at school, and yesterday I ran the 2022 Brighton Marathon in 6 hours and nine minutes. It’s the day after and the stiff bits are a little less stiff and the sore bits are less sore. My mind's a bit slow and foggy as it recovers, but I’ve the dull satisfaction of achievement. It feels very nice and I question where that nice feeling is coming from, then I remember yesterday and go arrrrrrr it’s over. There is also now an empty space in my life that was filled with preparation, anxiety and excitement. Prep: I feel in my own way I’ve done it the sensible way. My running has built up over the years and my significant preparation was for the 2020 Brighton marathon, where I’d run the distance in North London. There was no expectation then. No exposure to public scrutiny. Noth