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Happy birthday Homewood School

 Follow This Blog   Oooops! I blinked and ages have flown by since my last post. Thanks to everyone who's nudged me for the next post. Before I get into round the Round three & four review (next post) I'm delighted to say things have settled down to my new normal of spending a week in ChemoLand then returning to three weeks feeling better until the next round ensues. Trying to get stuff done has been a challenge (no change for 58 years and counting!), but especially now as within the 28 day chemo cycle week one is yuuuuck, week two is maaaah and weeks three and four is yippie I yay, let's go party! It really feels like a two week holiday every month followed by a bad cold. The other reason I haven't been blogging is a deliberate attempt to get my BACP Accreditation in before the 31st Oct deadline when they change the system. I could have submitted it at any time since April but it's sat on my to do list. I'd write a book about procrastination but I haven