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What day is it?

I knocked up this graphic as a zoom background Laptop Repairman It’s been weeks now but without my weekend courses which were the anchor points of my week/ life, the days seem to merge into one long weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. What have I achieved so far in Lockdown London? Built, rebuilt and tinkered with Streetbeat Studio One / my office / man cave/ spare room. Spilt coffee on my laptop which promptly died. Became laptop repair man. I had to wear two pairs of reading glasses at the same time to get the magnification! Finally took my old PC, which still runs on Vista! to be upgraded. Me Fliss and Amanda Zooming Zoomed and chatted more than every before.Got to grips with the editing software. Me captured by Fliss Ran a lot. Finally produced two Salsa Rapido videos to be published soon with a further 50+ planned to add to the 18 Concepts clips published last year. I’ve finally finished the counselling course with closing exercises com

A New Kind of Litter

I’ve noticed a new kind of litter on the streets of London, discarded surgical gloves. I struggle to understand the circumstances where someone says to themselves "that's it job done" and peels off their gloves to throw them on the street. What task can they be doing that at one moment is so risky that protection has to be worn, and the next it so safe that the body can go au natural? Double entendres aside, there seems no logic here. They don't seen to be by entrances or in the gutter as if emptied like a driver's ashtray. It seems a challenge to find out as if someone’s thrown down the gauntlet [good glove reference which seemed to fit like a ...] A theory is forming where the high risk activity of being outside and possibly touching something potentially baaaaaad is perfectly normal until that itchy chin or wayward hair requiring immediate attention gets attended to via the latex laminated appendage. Eventually the risk of a

Blooming Spring

The front door.  I often tell people the hardest thing about running is getting out the front door.  The scent from the wisteria is sensationally heady. This Spring everything's bloomed at the same time. It's as if the house (we call Clarence) is trying it's best to make us feel safe and secure and give us hope.  Who needs a flag pole when yo have Flag Iris   The Ceanothus. It was hear when we arrived so when I built the drive I worked around it.   Most years we have forty plus blooms of Red Hot Pokers   An old favourite Convolvulus Cneorum aka Silver Bush (no jokes please)     My self-bonsai'd Azalea. Each year I'm convinced it's its last but it keeps going.     Erysimum or posh variegated wall flower And that was just the front garden! so now for Ally Pally   Fliss with a Pieris Japonica in it's full redness behind.    A bed of red white and blue

Sunrise over London

Sunrise over London. Monday morning and it's up early to 'run run run before farmer gets his taser taser taser'. But alas Highgate woods were closed, and for no apparent reason. There does seem a lot of unilateral action taken by low level authorities to close off anything and everything they can. Often the reason is staff shortages at a time when millions are furlowed.  It's now reopened so a one day blip. One park in Haringey had all the benches tape off. Notthe best post but I hope in time the pics will be interesting. I'll leave you with a little hope in the form of one of the many rainbow windows. Ill