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Round Five Biddy Beep

 Follow This Blog   Round Five: Biddy Beep! Marlene Dietrich sang 'Falling in Love Again, What am I to do' and I want to record a version with the words 'Falling Apart Again'.  I'm in bed at 7.48pm with a blocked nose and a mild temperature. In short, a head cold. So what's the problem, it's just a head cold? For you maybe, but for me, with my reduced immunity, it could be a first class ticket to A&E again! By my bed is the thermometer, a standard issue Boots thermometer, so the beeps are too high pitched to hear and the screen isn’t illuminated but apart from that it’s great. Oh and it’s lime green, which is soothing not! I’ve also got an assortment of the usual potions and lotions, such as Vicks and Sinex and a box of tissues. I'm not allowed paracetamol. It would mask any fever delaying me from getting the necessary urgent medical treatment. See my earlier blog about A&E. One good thing about counselling is that there&