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The last time I got a C+ must have been in O Level English when I was in my teens! I know that’s not long ago on a geological timescale but I’ve just got another! This C+ is for testing Covid positive. Apart from the excitement of passing the test, apparently sarcasm is unaffected by covid, I have to say it’s a bit of a shock. I’d imagined something more .... spectacular? Or maybe I’d be one of the asymptomatic ones, the James Bond of the viral vector world (sounds better with a German accent), slipping in and out of the supervillains volcano/pied-à-terre unnoticed. Unfortunately, this particular James Bond came crashing through the volcano’s front door in a white van marked James Bond - Fabric Dyer to the Stars! Out I popped in blue overalls similarly liveried, where upon super villain says: “Vell, Mr Bond, Velcome to my Viral Vector’s volcano.” (If an alliteration works, milk it!). “No, say nothing! I don’t expect you to talk, I expect you to dye!” (And the pun mussel still works e