I ran the Brighton Marathon 2022

 I did it! 

Wow what a ride! 

I'll did a full post later with all the details as I want to look back on this years down the road.

Meanwhile here's a few stats:

Me: Alastair Sadler 56 years old

Brighton Marathon 2022 (Delayed from 2020)

Time: 6hours and 9mins, a PB as we runners say :)

Walked for c.one mile (it hurt more to walk than jog!)

Sponsorship raided so far £750+

No hitting the wall,pavement, sea defences or esplanade!

Injuries: No blisters! only a slight muscle pull in my right thigh, kidney OK.

Ave. pace equal to man dressed as the Gruffalo!

The only equipment fail was my headphones damaged in transit.

Consumption: 8 gel packs, 2.5 litre water, about an orange and a half, 20 jelly babies and one vegan sausage roll!

Post run: Beer and burger!


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